Birth Support Program for Denver Center for Birth & Wellness Clients

Denver Center for Birth & Wellness offers clients birthing at our birth center a selection of birth support packages to provide empowering non-medical physical, emotional, and informational support before, during and immediately after the birth of your baby.

Studies have shown that having a compassionate support person decreases the need for pharmaceutical pain management and increases the rate of successful, vaginal births and satisfying birth experiences.

By leveraging our experienced on-call staff and sharing call-time between them, we are able to provide exceptional support at a price below the market-rate for an experienced private doula in the Denver-metro area.

Denver Center for Birth Support Program Packages:

Basic Support - $600

Your Birth Support Specialist will meet your family at the Birth Center when you are in active labor to provide support from time of admission to approximately 2 hours postpartum. Includes support in case of transfer during labor. 

Extended Support - $1000

Your Birth Support Specialist will join you at home once you are in active labor to provide support while you labor at home and then transition to the Birth Center to approximately 2 hours postpartum. Includes support in case of transfer during labor. Available for addresses within a 30 mile radius to the Birth Center. 

Transfer Support - $600

Your Birth Support Specialist will meet your family at the hospital to provide continuous support from arrival at hospital to approximately 2 hours postpartum.

Sibling Support - $450

Your Birth Support Specialist will meet your family at the Birth Center to provide support to 1-2 sibling(s) from arrival to approximately 2 hours postpartum. Support for additional sibling(s) can be made available. Includes support in case of transfer during labor.  A 1-hour prenatal meeting can be provided with the sibling(s) prior to birth. 

*Additional services such as classes or postpartum home support can be provided and billed separately. 

To register for Birth Support, please use the link below. Within 2 business days of receipt, you will be provided with a contract through your ClientCare portal along with a link to pay.

Meet Your Birth Support Specialists

Our Birth Support Specialists share call-time. You will be supported by one of our three experienced birth professionals available 24/7 bringing the tools, techniques and experience of seasoned professionals having served the birth community for many decades combined.

We offer a monthly Meet and Greet for you to have an opportunity to get acquainted with each member of our team prior to your birth. This time of getting acquainted, connecting and answering FAQs is offered on the last Wednesday of every month from 5:00 - 6:00pm.


Birth Support Specialist - Sheree

Sheree Kirchner

Sheree is mother of 8 children and “Nammy” to 8 grandchildren. She has 3 sons, 5 daughters along with 7 grandsons and 1 granddaughter. Her husband of 35+ years and she are so grateful for each one and find spending time with them among their greatest joys.

As she was growing this family one child at a time, she became more and more impassioned at the wonder and miracle of birth. She couldn’t help but be drawn to others in their family growing journey and always had ample opportunity to reach out and support couples throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Once her children were raised, and at the urging of one of her daughters’, she transitioned into birth work professionally about six years ago.

She is a certified birth doula through DONA International, trained Hypnobabies® doula, a trained lactation educator, and trained in Spinning Babies® maneuvers. She is thankful to be using her passion, training and skills with families at Denver Center for Birth and Wellness.

As your Birth Support Specialist, she will work with you, creating an atmosphere in which you discover and believe you have within and outside of you what it takes to have the most positive and memorable birth possible. Together, with your partner, Sheree will use comfort measures like massage, counter pressure, positioning, essential oils and many others, allowing you to keep your focus on remaining calm and feeling safe in a space of empowerment and peace.

After giving birth to her 8 children, 7 unmedicated and 1 via cesarean as a result of placenta previa, she can say from experience what an impact loving, caring and knowledgeable support can have on a woman’s birthing time. Sheree would be honored to be there for you!

Caitlin Novak Bio Pic.jpg

Birth Support Specialist - Caitlin

Caitlin Novak

Caitlin Novak is an experienced birth worker who is proud to join the Denver Center for Birth and Wellness as a Doula and Birth Assistant. After attending a DONA International Birth Doula Training in Portland, OR in 2009, Caitlin’s eyes were opened to the exciting world of birth support and she has served families in this capacity ever since.

Expanding on her experience as a Birth Doula, she has gained a rich understanding of the birth and postpartum period with additional trainings to include Postpartum Doula (DONA), Childbirth Educator (ICEA), Certified Lactation Counselor, homebirth Midwife Assistant, and soon, a Registered Nurse.

Caitlin believes that every family deserves a warm and loving birth experience that reflects their own preferences and empowers them to birth from a place of self-knowing and awareness. As a Doula, she works hard to prepare families to give birth with confidence and experience a memorable and positive transition into parenthood. She has specialized training to support women who desire a VBAC as well as women who have experienced trauma and abuse. In addition to offering Doula support, Caitlin is passionate about breastfeeding and supporting families in accomplishing their own breastfeeding goals.

Caitlin and her husband have three children and keep busy with their “backyard farm” including chickens, bees, gardens, and other fun hobbies as they are inspired.


Birth Support Specialist & Program Manager -Jacie

Jacie Gonzales

Jacie is an enthusiastic and compassionate mother who seeks to empower and encourage families to have the individualized birth that they desire and deserve!  Her childhood passion around babies, birth and motherhood finally culminated in a career as a labor doula and childbirth educator after she was profoundly impacted by her firstborn's birth.  Jacie has been formally working in the birth community for over a decade, but her experience in birth support began long before her formal career as she supported friends through their pregnancies and discovered her natural gifting in providing birth support.  

Jacie has had the privilege of walking with some of the most amazing families on their journey into parenthood.  Jacie has personally attended the births of almost 800+ babies and taught classes for over 1,000 families in the areas of nutrition, breastfeeding and childbirth.  As a CAPPA trained labor doula, HypnoBirthing® instructor and lactation educator, Jacie provides a wealth of professional knowledge and experiences from conception through postpartum.  Her participation at births in a wide range of environments makes Jacie a powerful partner in teaming with families to tailor their birth center experience to meet their needs and desires.   Jacie has a servant's heart and a great desire to share her compassion and zeal with new families.  She believes in the natural process of birth along with the mind-body-spirit connection and the power of that relationship which she incorporates into her classes and during birth support.  

Through the births of her own three children, Jacie has become intimately familiar with the difference between births underpinned with education and the proper emotional and physical support, and births that are lacking those necessary elements.  The difference was life-changing and serves as the driving force behind her passion and energy in supporting families to ensure they have an optimal experience.  She feels that the knowledge, support and individualized care that families receive truly makes all the difference!  

Jacie has been blessed with three amazing children each through very different birth experiences, both home and hospital.  She also shares her life with two bonus children and her incredibly supportive husband.  Jacie is extremely grateful to receive the blessing and opportunity to partner in the mission of the birth center.