Monet Nicole, Birth Photographer

Monet Nicole Moutrie Birth Photography

Monet Nicole tells Colorado birth stories. She believes birth can be one of the most beautiful and impactful moments of a woman’s life, and she loves helping families tell their special story. She holds a Masters of Fine Arts and has photographed births across the state of Colorado. When she’s not at a birth, you might find her enjoying a cappuccino and croissant with her husband and two daughters, Lucy (4) and Eliza (1).

At Denver Center for Birth and Wellness, we believe that photographs of the birth journey are something that no family desiring them should go without! For this reason, Monet's session fee is waived for clients birthing with us and she provides exclusive packages to our families at a significantly reduced rate.  The beautiful images that you see on our website are photos by Monet, and we are honored to have her as a part of our birth center family!