fitness and Wellness classes:

Power of Pregnancy Yoga

Power of Pregnancy provides wellness education and resources to pregnant women who want to be at their prime during pregnancy. Slow down, move mindfully, breathe, release the body of tension and align with your innate feminine power. This class is appropriate for all levels. Each class will begin with a short discussion based on a prenatal wellness topic.

*Mothers will gather for a one hour and fifteen minute session.

Cost $99/5 class punch pass*

$25 drop in

*Pass is good for two months from date of purchase

Mama Restorative Yoga

Wouldn't it be nice to be tucked in for a change? You give so much as a mother. Now it is your turn to receive this luxurious, fully supported practice. All you have to do is show up and melt into a series of 7 poses while the instructor moves the props around for you. It is pure bliss! Appropriate for pregnant and postpartum women. Please leave babies with a care provider.

*Mothers will gather for a one hour and fifteen minute session.

Cost $99/5 class punch pass*

$25 drop in

*Pass is good for two months from date of purchase

Classes and GROUPS

at Denver Center for Birth & Wellness

The following classes and groups are held on-site at Denver Center for Birth & Wellness, and are open to clients birthing at the center as well as with other providers in the community. These classes will ground and prepare families for an optimal birthing experience and healthy transition with their growing family.  All families birthing at the center are asked to attend the appropriate classes based on their history and experience. Please contact us with any questions regarding class requirements based on your previous birthing experiences.

All classes are continually held monthly and new dates are posted regularly. Please check back if the time-frame most appropriate for your due date is not yet posted.


  • Healthy Pregnancy - Aug 16th 5:30-6:30PM

  • HypnoBirthing® Series – July 17th 6-9PM (this class meets on Wednesdays July 17th-August 14th)

  • HypnoBirthing® Series – Aug 21st 6-9PM (this class meets on Wednesdays Aug 21st-Sept 18th)

  • Childbirth Refresher - August 16th 3-5PM

  • Breastfeeding - August 10th 9AM-12PM

  • Newborn and Postpartum Care - July 22nd 6-8:30PM

  • Newborn and Postpartum Care - August 19th 6-8:30PM

  • Power of Pregnancy Yoga - Thursdays - 5:30-6:45PM

  • Mama Restorative Yoga - Thursdays 7-8:15PM

support groups:

New Mama Mornings Support Group

This gathering will facilitate a community space for mothers and their babies to rejuvenate their motherhood pride by receiving and providing support to and from their new mama community. Each week mother’s will have the opportunity to receive lactation support, weigh their baby and ask questions. We believe it truly takes a village - this weekly class will build togetherness and support amongst families!

* Mothers and children will have the opportunity to gather for an hour and a half weekly.  We meet every Tuesday from 11:30AM - 01:00PM

No Cost

Breastfeeding Support Group

*Beginning JULY 10th

This group provides a facilitated support group in a community space for mothers and their babies. These mothers will receive help and hands on support offered by our staff nurse and IBCLC. This group provides one-on-one breastfeeding support in a group setting. Mother’s will receive lactation support, weigh their baby, ask questions and bond with other breastfeeding mothers.

* Mothers and children will have the opportunity to gather for an hour and a half every other week.  We meet every other Wednesday from 10:00AM - 11:30AM

No Cost

Toddler Support Group*Beginning in AUGUST

This group is for families to gather as a community. Our space provides a support group in a community environment for families and their toddlers/babies who are seeking a space for gathering as a community with growing toddlers who desire a time to socialize and connect.

* Families and children will have the opportunity to gather for an hour and a half weekly.  We meet every Thursday from 10:00AM - 11:30AM

No Cost

About the Instructors

Jacie Gonzales, Birth Support Program Manager - HypnoBirthing® & Breastfeeding Educator and Birth Assistant, her experience of teaching classes for well over a decade as a HypnoBirthing® educator combined with the center’s unique culture and mission, delivers a comprehensive and customized experience for families looking to achieve a natural or birth center birth. Classes provide families with the evidence-based birth education and empowerment they need to feel prepared for their birth experience.

Cheryl Rempel, BSN, RN, IBCLC is the instructor for our breastfeeding and newborn classes. Cheryl has experience as a nurse, as well as, serving as a La Leche League leader supporting and encouraging mothers in their breastfeeding journeys.  Cheryl's passion for the positive role that education plays in birth and breastfeeding led her to become an educator and lactation consultant (IBCLC) .  Over the past five years she has taught hundreds of breastfeeding and childbirth classes.  

birth and parenting classes:

Healthy Pregnancy

This class will help families to expand their knowledge of what is within their control and can help them to achieve a healthy, low-risk pregnancy. Educators will provide families with answers to FAQs and nutrition ideas to make thoughtful eating easier. Parents will be empowered through helpful tips for lifestyle adjustments in order to build confidence in their role as health-supporting parents.

*Parents will gather for one, one hour session.  Suggested attendance at approximately 8-12 weeks.

Cost $20

HypnoBirthing® for Natural Birth

A class for all families new to natural birth or wanting a renewed education and connection with natural birthing techniques. This customized class empowers families to be engaged, aware, healthy, and to make their own choices. We strongly embrace the power of partner support and will focus on well-equipping the partner with numerous tools to be a trusted support and comfort to the mother.  Your instructor brings years of true to life experience and an evidence-based curriculum helping each couple to gain the techniques which build trust and confidence and release fear.

*Parents will gather for five, three hour sessions. Suggested attendance at approximately 30 weeks.  

Cost $300

Childbirth Refresher for Experienced Families

A class for families that have previously given birth naturally, either in or out-of-hospital. This one time class refresher will reignite your confidence in your innate abilities and strength and refresh your toolkit of skills to utilize for the preparation and birth of your baby.  Your instructor will provide the necessary information for you to feel prepared for all that a birth center experience brings.

*Parents will gather for one, two-hour session.  Suggested attendance at approximately 28-32 weeks.  

Cost $50

Newborn and Postpartum Care

This class will provide parents with tools for gentle infant care to turn to following birth at the center. Educators will emphasize in-home tools for early discharge, recovery in the home environment, baby and parent bonding and early warning signs to report to baby’s caregiver.

*Parents will gather for one, two & 1/2-hour session. Suggested attendance at approximately 32-36 weeks.  

Cost $40


This class will normalize breastfeeding, prepare parents for a healthy and exclusive breastfeeding relationship, and empower parents to manage pitfalls that lead to early cessation of breastfeeding, including return to work. Educators will facilitate breastfeeding empowerment and support by drawing from their years of experience and wisdom supporting parents.

*Parents will gather for one, three-hour session.  Suggested attendance at approximately 32-36 weeks.  

Cost $45