Registered Nurse or LPN - PRN/Part-Time

Job Description

Denver Center for Birth and Wellness has a position available for Registered Nurses with labor and delivery, postpartum, and/or newborn experience who can commit to being on-call 1-2 days per week or weekend.

 We are a small peaceful supportive birth center desiring to add a nurse to our current team of excellent care-givers. Our commitment to wholeness and wellness gives our center a specific energy that is unlike a hospital setting. You will enjoy an independent setting and a team of caring colleagues with a low-risk client population. The free-standing birth center is a popular evolving model of care for women. We implement evidence based research practice and consequently our clients are well educated and prepared for natural (unmedicated) birth. 

Desired Skills

Potential candidates should have a strong desire to care for and provide birth options for women and families and  possess a strong foundation of clinical skills and a willingness and desire for continued learning. 
Possess the ability to think critically and act quickly under pressure if needed.
Feel confident in your assessment skills.
Willingness to be flexible in a small birth center environment to care for mother and newborn and their activities of daily living in addition to the clinical decision making that may arise in this setting. A combination of the art and science of nursing is a must. Nursing skills include vital signs,  IV starts, IV medications, phlebotomy, foley catheterization, medication administration, labor and delivery assessment skills, postpartum assessment, newborn assessment and all basic nursing skills. 


Assist the Certified Nurse Midwife as a Registered Nurse during labor and delivery, providing comfort care to laboring mothers and their families, performing terminal cleaning when clients are discharged, participation in birth center's quality management program and emergency drills. The call expectations are consistent with spontaneous labors. Must maintain current BLS and NRP certificates. 

Please send resumé and cover letter to

Kellee Jackson