Prenatal Care & Birth

We offer personalized care in a home-like space where you can relax, get to know your birth team, and spend time at each appointment connecting with your body and your baby. Appointments are much more than a blood pressure and weight check. Your provider will take the time to ensure that you and your partner have a chance to get all your questions answered and for you to get to know each-other. You will listen to your baby's heartbeat, discuss any areas of concern, consult about nutrition, discuss care decisions, and talk about you and your partner's hopes, fears, and excitement in preparation for birth and beyond. 

  • Your prenatal appointments will be with your provider. Along the way, you will get comfortable with our  team of nurses and birth assistants so that when it comes time to deliver your baby you are supported by an intimate team that you already know.

  • We allot thirty minutes to one hour for most appointments with your provider. We will see you monthly until you are 30 weeks, Then we see you every two weeks until you are 36 weeks. After 36 weeks we will see you weekly. Of course, we are here for additional appointments and care as needed. 

  • Your prenatal care will be enhanced by onsite healthy pregnancy, HypnoBirthing®, breastfeeding and newborn care classes to help you prepare. Visit our classes page to learn more. 

Labor Support

Your team will be with you throughout labor and delivery to support you and keep you and your baby safe and comfortable.   

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  •  We are a low-volume birth center. We believe in personalized care and you will be greeted at the door by familiar faces when you arrive in labor.  Your Provider and a Registered Nurse will be a part of your birth care team. Additionally, you may choose to have a doula. We love doula's at Denver Center for Birth and Wellness.  We offer a special Birth Support Program to our clients to provide your family with the additional, consistent support for your birth at a lower cost than many private doulas.

  • You will enjoy a private water birth suite with a cozy family bed.

  • You can have your baby in the water if you choose.

  • We welcome your family and friends if you should choose to include them.

  • Move around freely or try supported laboring positions. We have a birth ball, labor sling, and birthing stools.

  • Natural pain management tools will be integrated during your labor to manage contractions and intense sensations. Being in a nurturing environment, movement, hydrotherapy, heat, massage, TENS units, aromatherapy, relaxation techniques, and partner education will all contribute to your unmedicated birth.  All of these tools will help you have an amazing birth experience.

  • Should you need further medical care at any point, Denver Center for Birth and Wellness is located approximately a minute and a half from the nearest hospital with emergency services and a level III NICU. All staff of the center regularly participate in emergency drills and we involve local EMS responders in our emergency protocols, as well as having direct lines of contact with the hospital. 

Postpartum Care

We offer extended length of stay so you can take your time to rest, recover, and establish breastfeeding before returning home. Our team of birth assistants will be there to support you, your baby and your family. Our birth center has a kitchen and comfortable living space.  This home like setting will foster the best environment for early bonding. Some families are  ready to go home 4 to 6 hours after their birth. However, some families prefer to stay longer and are welcome at the birth center up to 24 hours. Our extended length of stay sets us apart from other birth centers. 

Herbal baths help soothe mom and baby

Herbal baths help soothe mom and baby

  • After delivery, you will have access to 24-hour lactation support. Once you return home a nurse or provider is always available by phone for any questions or concerns. 

  • Our free weekly New Mamas group is hosted by our lactation educator and is a great opportunity to share with other new moms and ask questions.

  • Enjoy a postpartum herbal bath to bond with your baby.

  • We offer continued emotional wellness support as you adapt to life with your new little one . Birth processing, community activities, and new mama classes are offered at our center.