Diana Buckwalter, CNM, FNP

Diana Buckwalter is a familiar name in Littleton and Castle Rock as she has been caring for women in these areas for over 13 years. Diana is a Certified Nurse Midwife and family nurse practitioner by professional training.  Diana is a pioneer of nurse midwifery in the Denver area, and is known for her attention to women’s birth desires.  She has many years of experience in facilitating the choices that women make in regard to how their babies enter the world.  She worked in a hospital setting for many years until she discovered the serenity and peace of birth centers. It is her desire to continue supporting and facilitating birth based on a woman’s personal choices. She believes that in addition to the physical care a woman receives, it is also imperative to foster a climate for rich emotional and spiritual experiences.  In a world that is consistently distracting and busy, Diana believes that having a baby is a time for reflection, care, and love. She is passionate about the importance of bonding between a mother, father, and siblings, providing early breastfeeding support, and using skin to skin contact to help reassure baby that the world is a safe place. 

Diana has 7 children of her own, the last 2 were delivered at home.  In addition, she and her husband have 25 grandchildren.  Diana has been present for many of their births.  She enjoys travel, loves the Caribbean, is a certified diver, and loves to ride her bicycle.  

Diana has devoted her life to helping women create beautiful, memorable birth stories. Her supportive and nurturing approach to birthing has yielded many rich and fulfilling relationships over the years.

Karen Loughlin