Cheryl Rempel, BSN, RN, IBCLC

Cheryl Rempel Birth Center RN.jpg

 Cheryl has a great fondness for pregnant women,  birth experiences, and the first hours and days that families spend together bonding.  Consequently, providing education and nursing care to expectant and new mothers and their babies has been the focus of Cheryl's vocation. As a nurse she has delighted in the opportunity to be involved with families during their birth and early parenting experiences.  During her more than 15 years in a hospital environment she empowered women and their families to enjoy a strong role in decision-making resulting in more satisfying birth and breastfeeding experiences.  

One of Cheryl's greatest joys has been mothering her two daughters. Cheryl took a break in her nursing career to parent and home school her daughters.  Even as a full-time mom her passion for mothers and babies lead her to serve as a La Leche League leader supporting and encouraging mothers in their breastfeeding journeys.  When she returned to nursing, Cheryl's passion for the positive role that education plays in birth and breastfeeding led her to become a child birth educator and lactation consultant (IBCLC) .  Over the past five years she has taught hundreds of breastfeeding and childbirth classes.  

Cheryl is originally from Washington state but has lived most of her life in Colorado.  She has been married to her husband, Ralph, for over 28 years.  Besides their two wonderful, now grown daughters they have a sweet, aging black lab. Cheryl loves swimming, snorkeling and cycling and has completed many triathlons over the years.  She relishes opportunities to travel, serve on medical mission teams and interact with peoples of other cultures.  

Cheryl is delighted and thankful to join the Denver Center for Birth and Wellness and contribute to the  warm, respectful environment the center offers. 

Kellee Jackson