Erin Aufdemberge, RN, LMT, Birth Assistant


Erin came to discover her love of birth while working with moms and babies as a massage therapist.  She was able to witness firsthand the power of touch during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum.  Through this she learned just how important nurturing support was during these crucial times and how these experiences could influence families and communities for years to come.  She became determined to help women feel empowered about their birth process and began her journey to become a nurse. 

Erin has been a massage therapist since 2001 and an RN since 2014.  As a massage therapist, she specializes in working with women who are trying to conceive, pregnant, in the postpartum period or dealing with women’s health issues.  She also teaches classes on partner massage for labor and infant massage for new parents.  As a nurse, Erin has seen what a difference individual attention and a calming environment can have on a person’s health and sense of wellbeing.  These are some of the many reasons that she is thrilled to be a part of the Denver Center for Birth and Wellness.

Erin is an avid movie fan and book lover.  When not planning her next movie marathon, she is working toward her future goal of becoming a Certified Nurse Midwife.   

Kellee Jackson